Orthopaedic conditions

We routinely see Shar Peis with orthopaedic problems – the most common is a dislocating knee cap and in many cases this requires surgery which involves coming in for the day and having the knee cap realigned. This treatment is generally very successful and can prevent severe osteoarthritis in the leg. We perform this surgery on average once a week.

Hip displasia is a condition where the ball part of the ball and socket joint of the hip does not fit comfortably in the socket. It can be diagnosed by x-ray from 6-8 months and can be treated by various techniques depending on the severity – from exercise control and medication to ortho surgical procedures.

Hip scoring for breeding purposes can only be done from 12 months of age.

Ruptured cruciate ligaments: Medium to large breed dogs including the Shar Pei breed commonly rupture their cruciate ligaments. We are very experienced in this operation as we see cases needing surgery for this condition 2-3 times a week.