Visiting The Clinic

We understand that bringing your dog to the vets can be stressful for both the owner and the animal so we aim to make the process as stress free as possible.

We see clients from all over the UK with their Shar-Peis so we have developed a system whereby many operations can be performed in a day visit – even allowing for travelling.

If you are travelling a distance please mention this to our reception team when booking your appointment. They will then allocate you a late morning appointment. We can then schedule surgery in for early afternoon and in the majority of cases you will be able to take your pet home with you the same day. Any ongoing medication can be done remotely, if necessary with your usual vet.

It is necessary to starve your Shar-pei for 8 hours before surgery but make sure you continue to give them water.

We see Shar-Peis every day and have a wealth of experience in handling them. We encourage owners to stay with their pets whilst they are sedated to reduce the stress to the animal.

Whilst we are performing the surgery, many owners take the opportunity to have lunch in one of the many eateries in nearby Stockton Heath or spend their time visiting one of the many local attractions in Cheshire.

Once the surgery has been performed and we are satisfied that your pet is well enough to take home – we will call you – with some procedures this could be within 3 hours.

Your pet will be discharged to you and we will advise you about any ongoing medication required.